Sparkles and Sunshine: Fall Date Series - Painted Twister

Fall Date Series - Painted Twister

Monday, October 2, 2017

Happy Monday everyone!

I had the best time last week in North & South Carolina with my family. My aunt had a beautiful wedding, I got to see my cousin (haven't seen him in years!), and I got to see my Aunt and Uncle from Germany. All in all, it was a great trip!

As promised, I am kicking off a fall date series. The idea below is one that is perfect for the summer to fall transition that we're alllll going through right now! I hope you enjoy. :)

I loved playing games as a kid and Twister was one of my favorites. Twister is such a funny game because everyone becomes contortionists when they try to get into the hard positions that the spinner lands on. I can't tell you how many times my foot was at the back of the mat and then my other foot was all the way on the other side...and I'm not flexible! :P

Today's summer date idea adds a Twist to the classic game (hehe see what I did there?). I decided to get washable paint from Walmart that matched all four colors on the mat and pour it everywhere!

Not only is this absolutely hilarious to do with your significant other, but it's also great to do with a group of friends! P.S. I highly recommend asking someone to take pictures. You'll want to see how funny you all look. :)

You can find Twister at any store. I purchased mine and the paint at Walmart. By the way, doesn't Chandler look wayyyyy too satisfied in the photo above? haha! 

Thanks for reading this post! I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. :) 

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