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Tone It Up!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Happy Monday everyone! 😊 

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been on a mission to lose weight and get back to the size I used to be. I’ve tried a few different programs but haven’t really been able to stick to any of them…until now! I recently became a member of Tone It Up and I’m in LOVE! I love how supportive the TIU community is, online and on social media. The TIU Instagram is filled with supportive content to keep you motivated and excited throughout your journey. I also like to look at Karena and Katrina’s (the founders of Tone It Up) individual Instagram’s because they’re real girls like us with photos that aren’t picture perfect.

Tone It Up knows that us #girlbosses are busy with everything that we have going on, so they make everything we do as quick and easy as possible. Some workouts only take 10 minutes! They also have a ton of recipes that don’t take that much time either. Of course, I’m all about that Sunday meal prep!

So, if you’re wondering, how do I join this amazing community…here’s how!

Step one: Sign up for their emails: click here. They send out daily emails about the workouts they did that day, recipes and fun articles about everyday life. They also send out weekly emails that include the weekly workout schedule. I like to keep this open on my Iphone so that I always know what I’m doing each day and set my alarms accordingly.

Step two: Look at the daily workout tab on their website DAILY! Every day they post the workout associated with the weekly workout schedule. Once you’re there you will see the five toning moves for the day plus anything else they decide to feature. Those toning moves are killer but they definitely work. Every now and then I have to modify the moves to fit my needs so I recommend doing that if you need to as well.

Step three: Decide if you want to become a member. That’s right, all of what I just said above is there without becoming a member! They want every girl to succeed and it’s so incredible. When you become a member, you get full access to the nutrition plan (hundreds of recipes for regular, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten free and gluten free vegetarian!) and every edition, past and present of workout guides and recipes. Sometimes the daily workout tab features a workout from one of these guides that you can only get if you’re a member. You also get early access to the tour and other fun opportunities that the Tone It Up team hosts as well as special emails with nutrition advice and more. When I joined, my total cost was $160 and that included everything that I’ve mentioned above. If you think about it, this is cheaper than a gym membership for an entire year (and this is for forever), and you get nutrition advice with it!

If you’re still thinking about joining the Tone It Up, I recommend simply looking at their site:! Take a look at their recipes, articles and even the daily workout tab to see what you think. Like I said, I’m still extremely happy that I joined. Not only am I feeling more empowered by their community but I am seeing results. I will keep all of you updated as I continue on my journey, and I cannot wait to show you my progress!

Workout look is from Victoria's Secret Pink - I got it on Pink Friday a week ago!

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