Sparkles and Sunshine: Why Dancing Makes Me Happy

Why Dancing Makes Me Happy

Friday, July 14, 2017

Hello everyone and happy Friday!

As most of you know, last Sunday the 9th was my birthday and I can say that I've had a great week! My coworkers took me to one of my favorite restaurants, Maggiano's, I got to see some friends from out of town unexpectedly, and I got to work it at my favorite Zumba class!

Speaking of Zumba, who else LOVES to dance?! Dancing is a great way to burn calories, have fun, and meet new friends! My favorite part about dancing, is that there really isn't a "wrong" way to do it. You just go with the music and however it moves you!

What I also love about dancing is that you can do it anywhere (within reason haha). For instance, this past year I switched to a standing desk at work to help my lower back (Standing desks are also better for your overall health too because it's not good to sit all day). I downloaded Spotify to my work computer a few months ago and I dance at my desk all day long. It immediately puts me in a good mood, it help wakes me up in the mornings, and it really livens up the atmosphere in my department.

Whether you like dancing or not, watching someone dance at their desk is always funny! :) 

Another fun part about dancing is the clothes! You can dress up to so many different genres. Take salsa dancing for instance. Fun ruffles and dresses that you can twirl in are a must-have! I'll be honest, when I got the dress above from The Mint Julep Boutique, I totally felt like the famous red dress emoji! 💃💃💃

So grab your girls, have a night out at your favorite dancing spot or ask around and find your new place! My friend's Zumba instructor recommended a place to us and it was as easy as that. I promise you will have a blast! :)

Have a great weekend!

--Caitlin :) 

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