Sparkles and Sunshine: St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Everyone loves St. Patty's Day! No matter where you look, you're bound to see something or someone completely green. I've always loved seeing all of the food and drinks that people dye green just for the holiday. So today, Chandler, Diesel and I are sharing our favorite St. Patty's day treat...Irish pancakes!
Okay, they're not really Irish but they are green and festive!
For our pancakes we used Krusteaz delicious buttermilk pancake mix and some basic food coloring! 
First, we mixed up the pancake mix until it was the right consistency. Fun fact for you guys, Chandler is definitely the pancake chef in our household. He makes the perfect pancakes every time and honestly, once I told him that we would be shooting making pancakes for my blog, he got really excited. 😊
Of course, Diesel had to check to make sure he did it right.
We then added in the food coloring! One side note about food coloring: if you want the color to be more prominent, add more drops!
 Next, pour some, but not too much, batter in your skillet or frying pan and flip once you start to see bubbles around the edges. I will say though that the tops of the pancakes will turn brown even though the batter is green.
 I really hoped they would completely stay green but you can't control that!
P.S. The shot above was taken right after I caught it in the air. Can you tell I was excited?
We obviously couldn't wait to dive in after we made these. I promise they were delicious!
Now, I'd love to hear your St. Patty's Day traditions! Comment below with what you do with friends or family so I can learn more about your traditions. 😊
 You can find the pancake mix and food coloring at your local Target!  

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