Sparkles and Sunshine: Diesel's First Trip To The Beach + Dog Friendly Beaches in Florida

Diesel's First Trip To The Beach + Dog Friendly Beaches in Florida

Friday, March 24, 2017

I'm a firm believer in the benefits of socializing your dog. They are less likely to be afraid of people (unless they have a gut feeling or sense some form of hesitation from you) and they are more likely to approach a new dog with a positive attitude.
Since we got Diesel we have taken him everywhere, and I mean everywhere! He's been to BurgerFi, Smoothie King, Aerie, Altar'd State and of course every pet store there is! On Valentine's Day, Chandler and I brought Diesel with us to the surprise Chandler had planned, which just so happened to be an Olive Garden picnic at the beach (aka HEAVEN haha). Diesel had never been to the beach before and so shocker, he lost his mind!
I knew that I had to take him to the beach again for his first official trip without the distraction of delicious marinara sauce.

He was so excited that he immediately starting digging to China in the sand. Of course, all that was running through my mind was "please oh please do not poop on the beach!"
He's not a fan of water though, even though we're pretty sure he's part Labrador. I'm hoping that will change as he gets older but if not, the only way I'll be able to walk with him in the water is with a TON of treats.
All of these photos were taken at Atlantic Beach, Fl which is a beautiful, dog friendly beach! If you're wondering what dog friendly beaches or dog friendly attractions are in your area, you have to visit this site:

This site allows you to search dog friendly attractions in your city and it rates each location on a bone (star) rating. I mean seriously, how cute is that!

I would definitely give this site five out of five dog bones. 🐶🐾

Photography by the talented Sarah. I highly recommend booking her!

I bought this dress about a year ago at Francesca's! They're definitely one of my favorite boutiques! 


  1. Your dress is too cute

    1. Thank you so much! I absolutely love Francesca's!


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