Sparkles and Sunshine: Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine's Day Ideas

Monday, February 13, 2017

Hi everyone!
Are you looking for some last minute ideas for Valentine's Day? Below are four fun ideas that you can do with your significant other or even your best gal pal!
Explore your hometown!

Every town has it's own unique attractions. Whether you head out for a fun picnic in the park or browse the shops and eat at a cute café, you'll definitely have a great time!

Stay in!

There is no rule that says you have to go out on Valentine's Day! Sometimes there's nothing better than staying in with your girls for a fun night of face masks and movies or cooking up a romantic dinner with your significant other. This year, skip the crowds and reservations and enjoy some quality time!

Go on a weekend getaway!
Since Valentine's Day falls on a week day this year, it may be easier for some to wait until the weekend to celebrate. There's nothing better than a fun weekend getaway and you don't even have to go far! Sometimes going just an hour away is far enough to get the romantic and fun vacation that you want. Chandler and I spent our first Valentine's Day weekend in Savannah, Georgia and we had the best time! There is so much to see in Savannah and it's the perfect place to spend a weekend with your significant other or your best friends. So grab your IPhone and look at your maps app and see what's near you. You never know what cool place could be really close that you've never even heard of!

Adopt a pet!

I mean really, what's better than puppy kisses? There are so many dogs and cats in need of their perfect home and what better day to welcome them home then on Valentine's Day? Chandler and I got Diesel right before Christmas and it was so nice being able to spoil him with toys and celebrate his first holiday with him as a family.

Now I want to know what your plans are for Valentine's Day! Leave me a comment below with what you're doing so I can read them. :)

Dress is from Francesca's and shoes are from DSW!

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