Sparkles and Sunshine: My New Love For Yoga

My New Love For Yoga

Monday, February 6, 2017

Since I was little I have always participated in sports or stayed active in some way. Even in college I participated in every dance contest that my sorority competed in. Once I graduated college and started a 9-5 desk job it became harder to stay active. With the help of my friend Savanna (link to her insta at the bottom) and her personalized fitness routines, I started getting active again before work every morning. 

I was finally starting to see progress when I hurt myself at a Pilates class. I didn't know I did it at the time, but two days later I couldn't do anything. It all hurt. I thought the pain would go away on it's own but it didn't. I went to the chiropractor many times and unfortunately didn't see the results I needed like most do. When I told a coworker of my struggles, they recommended I try try physical therapy.

At this point I thought it couldn't hurt. I went to Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute (JOI) and immediately started seeing a difference. I was finally able to bend over again without it hurting. I was able to start getting back into a fitness routine. I also learned techniques that would prevent future injuries.

Now, I'm telling you all of this because if it wasn't for this experience, I would have never tried yoga. I tried yoga once in high school and hated it because 1) I'm not flexible AT ALL 2) all of the movements were too "slow" for me. I specifically remember doing a stretch and finally feeling confident until I looked up at the instructor and saw that she was taking it to a whole new level of difficulty.

I tried yoga again because I was told the stretching would really help me and it has! It is so good for you because not only does it tone your body and teach you balance, but it also teaches you how to slow things down. I NEVER do that! I'll be honest, I still prefer workouts that are more fast paced like spin or kick boxing but I have such a love for yoga now. Yoga allows me to stretch, relax, and take a break from the world.

If you haven't tried yoga yet I highly recommend it! There are so many yoga studios or group fitness classes at gyms that are absolutely wonderful. I currently go to Bailey's Gym and love their yoga classes.

Make sure to check out Savanna's Instagram!

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