Sparkles and Sunshine: Bold Bean Cafe Jax Beach, FL

Bold Bean Cafe Jax Beach, FL

Friday, February 17, 2017

Jacksonville Beach has so many hidden treasures! From its' unique boutiques, to cozy cafe's, this city has it all. Today I am going to be talking about Bold Bean Café. If you love coffee (or tea like myself), and are looking for a new café to visit, this is it!

When I was in college I had multiple study spots: the library, Starbucks, etc. As soon as I walked into Bold Bean I immediately saw many college students sitting at high top tables with their laptops studying. If you're in college and are looking for a new study spot, I would definitely recommend this café.

I personally love to unwind at these types of places. I grab my newest Cosmo magazine, some headphones and an ice cold-tea and I'm all set!

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