Sparkles and Sunshine: December 2016

FabFitFun's Winter Box 2016

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Hi everyone! I recently got my winter FabFitFun box and I have to say, I love it! I have a breakdown of my favorite products below.

Confession: I'm a journal/planner addict! I always keep buying more even if I don't necessarily need another. When I opened this box and saw a Moleskin Weekly Notebook Diary/Planner inside, I immediately put my name inside and started planning for 2017! If you're a planner addict like myself, then you'll love this simple yet perfect planner.
P.S. The planner came with the cutest stickers to make planning even more fun!

My next favorite item from this box was the body cream by Anderson Lilley. The smell is light and it left my skin feeling very smooth and soft! I would highly recommend getting more once you run out!

My last favorite item was the D.L. & Co. Candle in Blackberry Nectar. I never used to be a candle person up until a year ago and now I can't stop buying them! Once I opened this candle I was hooked! My boyfriend loved this candle as well because even though it's sweet, it wasn't too strong.

My last comment I have is that there are no "fit" items in this box which is one of the main reasons why I joined. I'm hoping that the Spring 2017 box will have at least one fit item. I hope everyone enjoyed their Winter box and if you haven't tried them yet, click the link below to sign up!

Diesel's First Trip to PetSmart

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

So this week Diesel had his first trip to PetSmart! Chandler and I were so proud of how well he did with all of the other dogs and people that were there.

The store was decorated fun for the holidays and just a few weeks ago we participated in their stuff a stocking event where we got free coupons, a bag of treats and more!

Diesel already has a few toys but we couldn't resist getting just a few more. I have more details about each one below as well as links to buy them. 

Starmark Everlasting Treat Ball Dog Toy - Small/chicken flavor (upper left corner) - I have a larger version of this treat toy shaped like a tire for my dogs back home that they absolutely enjoy. What I love most is that it takes them a while to get the treat out of the center. However, I can't say I'm that impressed with this smaller one. While the larger ones are made out of stronger material, this smaller version was not as tough and my puppy practically ate right through it to get to his treat. If you get this, make sure it's tougher material!

Click Here to see the tire version.

Nylabone DuraChew Double Action Chew Bone Dog Toy (upper center) - Diesel has really enjoyed this teething bone since it has a tough studded center. Great option for teething puppies!

Kong Squeezz Ball Squeaker Dog Toy (green, upper right corner) - Diesel isn't that into ball toys yet (we think he's more of a tug of war toy dog) but his favorite ball is this one. It has a great squeaker and the material is tough enough for him to play with and not chew through!

Kong Paracord Reflective Dog Leash (center) - This leash may be expensive ($30!) but it is worth every penny. Since Diesel is in his teething stage, he chewed through his regular leash. Normal leashes will be fine for him in the future but until then we needed something stronger. This paracord leash is strong enough for him to chew on while he walks (aka he likes to walk us) and we don't have to worry about it breaking!

Top Paw Play Stick Gator Dog Toy (bottom right corner) - This toy actually surprised me. It is made of tough material, however Diesel's razor puppy teeth managed to poke many holes in it on the first day. It is one of his favorite toys, so I would still recommend it, but, just be cautious and ready to sew it back together!

Kong Wubba Dog Toy (bottom right corner) - This is one of Diesel's favorite toys! We got this toy for my dog at my parent's house, Aiden when he was a puppy and he loved it too. It is very durable, squeaks, and is perfect for dogs who love to play tug of war.

What's not featured in the photo above is the Kong Puppy Toy - Durable (see photo below). We like to give this to Diesel when we leave for the day to help with crate training. We fill it with peanut butter and natural honey and freeze it the night before. This keeps him busy and happy for hours!

I have more toys and treats that I'll be sharing in the future, but I definitely recommend these to start! The other items in this picture were purchased at Petsupermarket. Please comment below if you have any questions! 

Thanks again PetSmart

Friday, December 9, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Sparkles and Sunshine! My blog is currently under construction but will officially be launching soon!

Stay tuned! 💖

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