My Morning Routine

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Happy Wednesday!

For the past eight weeks I've been in a steady workout routine created by Savanna(follow her here to get your workout) that in turn affects how I plan my morning routine. It really is true that it takes time to form a habit and a routine. Today I wanted to share every step of my morning routine in hopes that it can possibly give ideas to anyone who's struggling with finding/creating one!

5:00am - First of about five alarms go off. I have to put my alarm in the bathroom in order for me to get up. Funny thing is, I actually get up 4-5 times just to turn it off and get back in bed, but then on that last one I'm up. All of my alarms are 5 minutes a part so that I'm not getting too comfy. I lay out my workout outfits for the entire week Sunday night and I put my keys with my resistance bands on the table so that I'm ready to go.

5:15am - Eat half a banana. Most of my workouts are at least an hour and I personally can't not eat before I work out. It's also better for you if you do. The only time I don't is if I'm doing my 15 minute HIIT workout. Mainly because I'm jumping like nonstop and I don't want to feel like what I just ate is flying up and down in my belly haha. 

5:30am-6:30am - At the gym doing work. Of course some days I'm there a little later or earlier, but either way I'm there at least an hour and I try to be done by 6:30am. 

6:40am - Shower, feed the cats, give Felix his insulin shot.

7:10am - Start making breakfast, morning protein smoothie snack, and pack lunch. On Sundays I try to meal prep as much as possible, including what I'm making for breakfast (if it requires it) and lunch. For instance, my favorite breakfast meal is this Mediterranean Eggs recipe that I make pretty much every week day!

7:30-7:50am - Take Diesel out one more time before I start getting ready and leave for the day. Sometimes this happens before I get to start making my breakfast but either way the timing is still usually around the same.

7:50-8:00/8:10am - Get dressed, brush teeth, make sure everything is ready to go in the house while I'm gone (a.k.a. close doors to rooms that I don't want Diesel going in, put up the gate so that the cats can have their peace all day). 

8:15am - Headed to work! 

Now, I'm always trying to get to work earlier, because the earlier I get there, the earlier in the evening I can come home and relax with Diesel, the kitties and of course Chandler when he gets home. I've been trying really hard to leave my evenings for relaxing time so that I can actually go to bed at a decent hour. 

***8 hours of sleep is KEY to get up as early as I do***

Getting enough sleep isn't always easy, especially if you're someone like me who always thinks there's something that can be done. However, it is important and is a necessity for our health. 

That is essentially my morning routine. If you have any questions about it or like any part of it, please let me know. I would love to hear from you!

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Cat Litter Review

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Happy Tuesday!

A while back I did a poll on my Instagram asking if you wanted to see more from my cats Oscar and Felix and you guys said yes. Today is my first official blog post featuring the infamous Felix! My cats are 14 years old and they don't look like it at all. But, since I've had them for 14 years, that also means I've been cleaning their litter box for 14 years. Not going to lie, I despise cleaning the cat litter. It's never fun and usually smells. All my fellow cat moms out there understand!

The reason why the cat litter usually smells is because even though it might advertise that it has an odor shield, it really doesn't. Or if it does it's for like an hour after the cat poops. Cool that's helpful. It wasn't until Chandler saw this cat litter called Ultra from Dr. Elsey's that my mindset of cleaning the litter improved. This cat litter is such a steal! Normally you pay $16-$20 for only 20-30 pounds max and the litter is usually really dusty, which isn't good for you, and doesn't do a good job controlling the smell or clumping what's in the litter box. For $17, you get 40 pounds of non-dusty, odor controlling awesomeness! Say you have a rough week and you couldn't clean the litter for like 2-3 days (we all know it happens). That's happened to us and we still didn't smell anything and our litter is in a pretty open spot because of how our apartment is.

I will say, I recommended this litter to my parents and they keep their litter outside and had a different experience. My parents also live in Florida and we think that the humidity and summer heat was a bad combination for that litter. For anyone who keeps their litter box inside like I do though, this is the litter for you! I normally purchase it at Petsupermarket since it's right up the road from my apartment but they also have it at Petsmart (linked above). The cats loved it instantly and I would say this is great for multi-cat households.

10 Things I Want To Do While I'm 25

Monday, July 9, 2018

Happy Monday!

I had such a great weekend! Saturday night I watched horse videos for an hour. I watched people cantering, jumping, Grand Prix videos, etc. and I was so excited. Last weekend Chandler's mom gave me some advice that really helped me. I've been having trouble cantering for the past few weeks because I've been afraid that I would fall off again. When you fall off a horse for the first time it's pretty scary (depending how you fall). The day I fell I was on a bigger horse and the experience overall wasn't fun. Ever since then I've been really scared. Chandler's mom told me that I need to visualize myself doing it since all I was visualizing was myself falling. Once I watched those videos and saw how these professional riders were doing it with ease, it made me realize that I could do it and that I had nothing to worry about.

Yesterday I finally cantered both directions (Brandy is a little off balance when you go left so this is an accomplishment in itself), did the jumping position over two flat jump poles on the ground while in canter, and I kept my cool (which is also an accomplishment). I was finally able to relax and I had the best time ever! It really is so important to visualize yourself the right way in any situation in life because if you do, you won't fall off the horse (so to speak haha)!

Now, for some more exciting news...TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!! I am officially 25 years old and I'm not 100% sure how I feel about it (the age that is haha!). I always get excited about my birthday because it's a big deal. I made it another year and that's something to be thankful for. I've been thinking a lot lately about things that I want to do this year and I've compiled them into a list below. I would love to look back in a year and be like yes, I did all of those, or at least a good amount. I'm sure that I'll think of more things to add in a month from now, but I'll at least start with this list.

  1. Do more fun things with Chandler. - we used to do things every weekend when we were first dating and then adulting happened. Trying to get back to that even if it's just small fun things.
  2. Reach 3,000 followers on Instagram for my blog.
  3. Work hard enough to pay for a minimum of one horseback riding lesson per week (two would be preferred).
  4. Work with at least 3 major brands for my blog.
  5. Take trips to Miami, New York, and at least one more major city/destination.
  6. Make more time to enjoy myself.
  7. Make more time to relax.
  8. Make more time to do my hair more (I don't always have time in the mornings like I'd like to and my hair is my favorite feature on myself).
  9. Visit more family on both mine and Chandler's side. 
  10.  Make more time to hang out with friends. 

Jumpsuit: Venus
Bag: Revolve 

Weekly Round Up

Friday, July 6, 2018

Happy Friday!

How was everyone's 4th of July?! Chandler and I had a nice relaxing day. We had planned on going to the beach but it rained until almost noon. Since the beach would've been too crowded to get a spot by that point, we decided to hang out by the pool, enjoy some delicious Publix subs, and enjoy some time with friends. All in all a good day!

Below are this week's featured articles. I hope you all love them!


I love popsicles! I don't think I know anyone who didn't grow up with popsicles in the summer. What Moms Love recently shared a blog post with the best healthy popsicle recipes for kids. Of course I'll be making some for myself. 😊

Read it here:

Who knew cheese dip could be healthy? I know I sure didn't! Almost every time Chandler and I go out to eat Mexican food we order queso. It would be nice though to be able to make it at home. I can't wait to try this recipe from The Cookie Rookie for our next taco night at home.

Read it here:

My birthday is on Monday which means I need a birthday cake right?! #earnedit 😂 This cake recipe from Averie Cooks has everything I want in a cake: vanilla, funfetti, and buttercream icing!

Read it here:

I really like Greek food. I haven't had too much but what I have had I've enjoyed. If you've ever eaten at Zoe's Kitchen, then you know how good their Greek salad is. Once I found this greek chicken pasta salad recipe from Budget Bytes, I got super excited. I can't wait to make this one of these nights.

Read it here:


I shop at IKEA occasionally, but for those that shop there more frequently, this article from The Kitchn is pretty cool. It has a handful of family shopping perks that not everyone knows about.

Read it here:

I love watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette plus all of the off season versions of the show such as Paradise. A handful of the cast from the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise has officially been confirmed and a few favorites of mine are on the list! I will say, there are also a few people I can't stand that are on the list too... You'll know who.

Read it here:


The Nordstrom Anniversary sale starts in only a few days and Holly Boyd has everything you need to know. Plus, the dress in her blog post is absolutely stunning!

Read it here:

I loved seeing all of the Fourth of July looks this week, but the one below from Suzy Shattuck is by far one of my faves! I seriously want her jeans.

See it here:

Another one of my favorite fourth of July looks (on the dressier side) was from Ali Smith. This red jumpsuit is so flattering and the color is beautiful.

See it here:

Looking for a suit that you can slay the summer in? Ashley Schuberg shared this cute pink suit on her Instagram this week that I would love to wear to the office on these hot summer days!

See it here:

I have so many favorite swimsuits right now. If only I could afford myself. 😂 The struggle am I right?! Sumana shared this super cute red one-piece swimsuit and watermelon bag on her Instagram this week for the fourth of July and I just loved it.

See it here:

I have seen so many gorgeous styles from Vicidolls lately. Another instance of not being able to afford myself haha! Jessica Lo shared this gorgeous blue polka dot maxi dress on her Instagram that I am really considering buying. It's such a flattering style and would look good all summer long!

See it here:

Last but not least is this fun ruffle skirt that Gabrielle Morlet shared. I love ruffle details on different clothing styles because put in the right place, can be really flattering. This ruffle skirt is the perfect example!

See it here:

That's all for today's weekly round up blog post! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and if you're still celebrating the 4th of July, please be safe and have a great time. 

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Victoria's Secret Pink 4th Of July Outfit

Monday, July 2, 2018

Happy Monday!

Who else is excited about the 4th of July this week? I do secretly wish that the holiday wasn't in the middle of the week but, it's also a nice mid-week break! In Jacksonville, there's no better to place to be for the 4th than at Jax beach. It is crowded but a ton of fun! Chandler and I plan on staying until mid-ish afternoon, then coming back for the rest of the day to hang out with Diesel, grill up some ribs and enjoy the evening at home. I don't like leaving Diesel or even the cats by themselves during the fireworks just so that they know it's okay.

Today I'm sharing this cute, casual look for the 4th of July. I love graphic tees for the holidays because they always have clever sayings on them. One of my favorite places to get graphic tees (and tanks) is PINK. I love a good pun and they have the best! For anyone who shops at Victoria's Secret & PINK knows that even their underwear have clever sayings on them during the holidays like Halloween and Christmas. This tee features a fun saying on the back and strappy details plus the famous PINK dog symbol on the front. 

I'm wearing a size medium for reference and I would say that it runs bigger everywhere except the arms (just an FYI). Also, Victoria's Secret PINK doesn't have all of their 4th of July tees online but you can find them in store. This particular tee isn't available online anymore but when I went to my local store there was a TON! I have linked what they do have left online. 

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