How To: Travel With Your Pet(s)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Hi Everyone!

I am still so happy with my Nissan Rogue S. It has so much room and we have been able to take Diesel and his family everywhere! As I'm sure most of you pet owners know, traveling with pets isn't always easy. Depending on the size of the animal and how it deals with travel, can make the trip easy or hard. In this blog post I will be sharing many helpful hints for traveling with your pets.

My kitties for instance, each have their own cat carriers and they usually meow for a little while in the beginning and then they quiet down and relax for the rest of the trip. To comfort them, I usually put one of my t-shirts in the cat carrier along with a toy (that they usually never play with haha).

When it comes to Diesel, I have to do a little more than that. I purchased a seat cover for the back seat of my car from Walmart to help contain his fur and any dirt that he might bring in. This seat cover is water proof and it's scented so that it deodorizes the smell of dog from your car. I highly recommend getting something like this because it will keep your seats nice.

Here are a two options found at Walmart:
Option 1 - waterproof and tear proof
Option 2 - waterproof and non-slip

If your furry friend also likes to climb to the front of the car like Diesel does, I also recommend getting a car barrier. There are so many different types of barriers that you can get. Some separate the back area of the car from the passenger seats, giving your pet the whole back side of the car.

The barrier that I like is one that separates the front of your car near the center console from the rest of the car. The reason why I find it so important is because one time Diesel was standing on my center console and someone cut me off, causing me to hit my breaks and Diesel to fall. After that, he didn't like car rides for months. He's better now but that's definitely something I learned.

Here are a two options found at Walmart:
Option 1
Option 2

For longer car rides, I like to bring some of his favorite bones. Flavor bones keep Diesel occupied and calm which keeps us happy too! Grab your pets favorite and I promise the ride will be smoother. Recently, we have also rolled down the window a little bit because he loves smelling everything. He loves this so much that he's actually started to figure out how to roll down the window! :P

In a previous blog post, I shared a website called that helps you find dog friendly attractions in any area. I recently used this again when we brought Diesel with us to Tampa last for the Tone It Up Tour. I also went on to find pet friendly rooms. I have found that no matter what, I always have to call the hotel to book a reservation because not all sites have the option to note that you're bringing a pet.

We were able to find a great dog friendly hotel with a bed big enough for all of us. Needless to say, we all slept great! :)

I hope you all loved this travel post and if you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below!

Weekly Round Up

Friday, October 13, 2017

It's Fridayyyyy!!!

How was everyone's week?! I am so happy that it's finally the weekend because I cannot wait to just relax, get my life organized and cuddle with my puppy and kitties!

This week I found some really great articles that I hope inspire you and make you smile!

The first article I found was the absolute cutest article I've seen yet. As you all know, I love dogs, especially my own puppy Diesel. Sarah from Classy Girls Wear Pearls shared the cutest article of the most perfect puppy. Get your cute fix below!

Read it here:

I have loved Lauren Conrad's collection at Kohl's for years. Her collection has always matched my style: soft and feminine. She recently shared a "Chic Peek" at her October collection. Needless to say, I want everything!

Read it here:

With the Tone It Up fall challenge in full force, I found a great article from Hello Glow that supports it. The fall challenge is all about starting a new healthy habit and what better way to do this by reading some helpful tips on how to make a habit stick?!

Read it here:

A year ago I hurt myself from working out and really had to make some changes to what I was doing. Because of this I learned what yoga was and to this day I absolutely love it. Camille from Camille Styles shared an article with 7 yoga poses that will energize you. I really liked that she went into detail with every pose. I think that's so important, especially if it's a new pose to someone or if yoga is new to you in general!

Read it here:

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I cannot wait to share some more great articles with you next week!

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The Hyppo Popsicle Shop, Jacksonville, FL

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Happy Thursday!

How's everyone doing today?! Yesterday was so fun because we did a Halloween themed photo shoot with Diesel and it was ADORABLE! I cannot wait to show all of you the photos. If you want a sneak peak, check out my Instagram story! :)

Today I'm sharing a super fun popsicle store located in Jacksonville, FL called The Hyppo. Don't fret if you live in Florida but not in in Jax. This popsicle shop also has locations in Tampa and Gainesville! 

I love The Hyppo because every single popsicle is naturally made. Their key ingredients are: fresh fruit, fresh herbs & spices, evaporated cane juice, and sometimes dairy. They've created more than 450 flavors and trust me they're all delicious! To see all of the flavors they've ever created, click on the link in the previous sentence. 

This place is the perfect spot for a family outing, a catch up session with your girls or any fun special celebration! The locations are super bright, colorful and inviting. 

I love supporting local businesses whenever I can. My mom started her own business over 30 years ago and she's still going strong. I think anyone who has the guts to do this is incredible and inspiring.

The history behind Hyppo is actually really cool and I encourage you to read their story!  

If you're not in Florida, you can still order some popsicles online. I will say that it is expensive for a box and not in my budget...but their popsicles are really good. :) No matter what, you can always get them individually at any of their Florida locations! 

I hope you all loved this blog post and check out this adorable popsicle shop soon! I mean's still hot so...go for it! :P

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Skinnypop Popcorn Fall Snack Guide

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Happy Tuesday!

How's everyone's week going so far?! I am so excited for this coming weekend because it will be the first weekend in two weeks that I will be HOME! I cannot wait to be a little bit of a homebody and relax with Diesel, Chandler and my kitties. :) I think a movie and a healthy snack is totally going to happen!

Speaking of food, who else LOVES Skinnypop popcorn?! I love Skinnypop because it has no artificial ingredients, it's non GMO, and it's free of so many ingredients that many people are allergic to (i.e. peanuts, dairy). 

Skinnypop thought it would be really fun to create a fall snack guide that features their favorite popcorn flavors along with their go-to drink of choice! When Chandler and I looked at the list, we immediately gravitated towards the apple cider Moscow mule and the apple cider sangria. After trying both, our favorite was the Moscow mule + Original SkinnyPop pairing!

If you are a huge fan of Moscow mule's like Chandler and I are, then you have to try this twist on a classic. I personally would have never thought of this combination but I am so glad I tried it! If you're looking for a fall drink that your guests will love at your next event, this one is for you!

For more popcorn pairing ideas, check out Skinnypop's fall snack guide below to find your new favorite! 

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!

Weekly Round Up

Friday, October 6, 2017

Happy Fridayyy!

Anyone else feel like this week went by so fast? This week was super tiring though since it was my first week back at work from my vacation. I was shocked that I was tired because I didn't do anything strenuous on my vacation! I just relaxed the whole time (except for at the TIU tour of course). But, being that relaxed can make you tired too and I'm finally feeling like my good 'ol self again!

This weekend I am actually on the road again to visit some family and friends back home. My friend Sarah, who's getting married in November, is having her bridal shower this Saturday so I'm super excited for that. Also, Chandler's grandma is celebrating her 80th birthday on Sunday. PSA: She is the coolest grandma ever. I mean, she's busier than I am! Every night she has plans with her girls and I'm just like wow, I hope I'm that cool when I'm her age.

For this week's round up, I found some really great articles. I hope you like them!

Where's my Bachelor Nation people at?! Refinery 29 published an article yesterday featuring the man who should have won this past season (IMO), Peter Kraus. In February, Peter will be joining other Bachelor stars at a winter resort where they will be having their own winter games. This honestly sounds hilarious and I can't wait for the show's debut!

Read it here:

Who else is SO glad that October is finally here! While the first day of fall is technically in September, it really doesn't feel like fall to me until October hits because it's the first month with a major holiday and tons of festive events since the 4th. Speaking of being festive, I found the cutest Halloween costume article from A Beautiful Mess that will make all of the mom and daughter duo's smile.

Read it here:

Two trends that I can't get enough of right now are lace and velvet. As soon as I saw this article from Extra Petite, I knew it was one I had to share. Jean shared a few gorgeous dresses from Bloomingdales that are perfect for the upcoming months!

Read it here:

I know I've featured her recently, but I'll say it again...I think Samantha is awesome! She shared an article with 15 motivational quotes to power your workout and they're all great. Sometimes we need to read something like this in order to keep going. I know I have those days all the time! If you need a little pick me up or just want to read something positive, check out Samantha's article below.

Read it here:

For all my TIU team, Tone It Up just released their Fall Challenge!!! The challenge is only 21 days long which means it's time to get focused and accomplish some major goals! To learn more about the challenge and to sign up, click the link below. (It starts this Monday!!!)

Read it here:

Last but not least, did anyone see yesterday that THE BOLD TYPE IS COMING BACK FOR TWO MORE SEASONS!!!!!!! Sorry not sorry for the caps there...I'm just so excited!!! If you have not yet binge watched season one, consider yourself busy this weekend. :)

Photography: Chantell Cruz Photography

P.S. If anyone wants to get me this scooter....I'm not opposed! :P

My Tone It Up Tour Experience

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Hey Tone It Up Girls!!!!!!

This past Saturday I attended the Tone It Up Tour in Tampa and had the BEST TIME EVER!!! Originally, I wasn't able to go this year because it wasn't in our budget. However, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed one night and saw that one of the bloggers I follow, Adeline Waugh, creator of Vibrant and Pure, was doing a raffle for Tone It Up Tour tickets and I entered on a whim.

The next day, I received a message from Adeline stating that I WON!!!!! I've never won anything in my life and so to win this was a dream come true! I was able to meet up with one of my coworkers and her friends at the event and we had such a great time.

The tour schedule was as follows:
Lacey, our yoga instructor was amazing! Since the weather was so hot, yoga was the perfect way to start the day since it was a nice soothing flow. Once this was done we had about ten to fifteen minutes before Jillian Michaels came on. If you saw any of my Insta story  (I took one video when she came out and one when we were stretching) or any other TIU girl's Insta story, you would have seen that Jillian Michaels came to play! I have never done any of her workouts before (even though I have some tapes at home which I'm going to try this week lol) but oh my God she kicked all of our butt's SO HARD!

I played soccer a little when I was in high school and my coach was the kind that would yell at you to motivate you. I respond very well to that type of motivation because I like someone screaming at me to keep me going. I know, I'm weird. But that's just what Jillian did! She was yelling and screaming at us to push ourselves to our limit and man was I (and most likely every girl there) exhausted afterwards. After that workout we had about fifteen minutes until Karena & Katrina came out and I used that time to chug a huge bottle of Core water! haha!  

Then, the time that we had all been waiting for had come. Karena & Katrina!!!!!! I have never worked out with or seen these girls in person before until this day. They are so funny when they are together, they had the whole crowd in hysterics. We did an awesome booty band workout, some yoga and more. What I loved most, was that they rotate between being on stage and working out with people in the crowd. I was so lucky, Karena and Katrina came by me!!! 

Besides the workouts, the tour featured massage tables, a braid bar, a rose quartz bracelet stand, an endless supply of core water, delicious kombucha (that I tried for the first time), some tone it up merch that I was not fast enough to score haha, sunscreen and Moroccan hair spray stations and of course a Rose Garden for VIP members (there was a rose stand for general admission too)!

This tour was definitely made for all of us Tone It Up girls and could not have been more perfect. After the tour I looked up the #tiutour hashtag to see what other TIU girls were posting on Insta and actually made a friend! I haven't done the best at meeting new people in the TIU community, and so one goal that I have set for myself, is to really interact with the community and make some amazing TIU fitness friends!

I cannot wait to go again next year, and that time I will definitely save up to have VIP access. If you have attended any of the Tone It Up Tour locations, please comment below because I would love to meet you and work out together via the app or if you're a Florida native!

7 Things I wish I knew before starting college

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Hi there everyone!

Every now and then I get a call from my university's alumni association and the call is always the same. It starts out with a student asking you a few questions about your time at the university. Questions like:
  • "What were you involved in at UNF?" 
  • "Why did you choose UNF?"
Sometimes, those questions lead to other questions that are more personal in a good way. A few weeks ago, I got this call and one question that I really liked was did you do any internships? I liked this question because the answer I gave is something I really wish I knew before/while I was in my first year or two of college.

There's so many things you're told before you start college, but there's also a lot that you're not. Today I wanted to share with you what I wish I would have known before I started college in hopes that it helps you feel more prepared and allows you to really enjoy your time there!

1) Sorority Life

For those of you that saw my sorority chapter outfit ideas post, you all know that I was a member of the Alpha Chi Omega women's fraternity while I was in college. Sorority life definitely has its' ups and downs. I've outlined a few below:

  1. Cost: When you join a sorority, you have "dues" to pay each semester and they are expensive. I paid for mine with leftover scholarship money. In your first semester, your dues are going to be the most expensive because you will be paying for your badge. Every sorority's dues are different because they include different things. Make sure to ask your sorority what to expect money wise so that you are prepared. Sorority's also have a TON of fun events that also are at an extra cost. Some events such as formals are included in your dues but again every sorority is different. Be prepared to have extra money saved for those events + t-shirts (because of course all of them are super cute). 
  2. Events: As I started to mention above, sorority's have many events such as formals, socials, volunteering, and more that you will be able to attend. This was definitely my favorite part about being in a sorority because I always had a ton of fun at these events. They are great opportunities to meet other girls in your sorority, other women at Panhellenic events and of course the cute fraternity guys on campus. :) 
  3. Time: A sorority takes up a TON of time. Always remember that school is the reason why you are there and not because of a sorority. Most sororities (I know mine did), had sister study sessions and GPA requirements. This was great because if you had a certain GPA, you weren't allowed to attend certain events because they wanted your focus to be on school. The events that took up the most time for me were the dance competitions. I know that every school is different, but pretty much every university that I've ever seen had some form of dance competition. Be prepared to spend hours, weeks and weekends on this. I remember having practices start at 9pm and go all the way until midnight or past midnight. 

2) All Nighters

Okay, there might be some controversy on this one. I personally hated and refused to do an all nighter in college. I tried staying up late in college to study, but the truth of the matter is, you get so tired that you're not really able to compartmentalize everything that you're reading and the lack of sleep is not going to help you the next day either. 

I know coffee was invented for a reason, and that there are Starbucks on many campus', but still. Your body needs sleep in order to take care of itself. At the end of the day, you have to's just a test. You should always do your best, but you should never exhaust yourself in the process.

3) Internships

There are so many benefits to this! When I started college, I was a political science major. At that time, I was like yes, I am going to be a lawyer because I like to argue and it's going to be great. Yeah, no. I did an internship with a presidential campaign, and saw some things that I didn't like and didn't want to be a part of. It actually made me realize that politics wasn't meant for me. At the end of that internship I had to write a paper about my experience. I blatantly said it showed me that I needed to change my major because it wasn't what I thought it was...and I got an A! 

Internships tell you a lot about yourself. From doing them, they do improve you. My second internship was with the company that I have now worked for for over two years. My suggestion is, do as many internships as you can. They won't always hire you on. Honestly, I got really lucky. By doing more internships, you acquire more skills that will help you get your first job after college. 

(This is the business building where I spent most of my time!)

4) Money

Everyone knows that college is expensive. They charge you for EVERYTHING! Parking, food, books, and even doing your own laundry. I remember being so shocked on that one. With all of these costs, it's important to establish a budget and stick to it! Allow yourself only a certain amount of money per week and choose what it's going towards. $25 can be towards eating out, $40 can be towards groceries, etc. Choose what works best for you and stick with it! You could even end up with money left over at the end of the week. 

5) It's okay to start college with an undecided major. 

I knew many people who started college with an undecided major and there's nothing wrong with that. That's what's so great about college; you really learn what you do and don't like to do. I changed my major three times and a lot of people change theirs more than that! Your first two years are all about your general education courses which include so many different types of electives. In addition to this, I recommend attending different extracurricular groups on campus (there's usually free food involved too!). Those will also show you what you are passionate about.

6) You don't have to get the meal plan!

You actually save so much money without it. Some university's make it mandatory for freshman to get it. The benefit of not getting the meal plan is that you can get prepare healthy meals for your whole week rather than relying on liking what they serve on campus. Sometimes it's really good and sometimes it's not. Again, every college is different. Just know, you don't have to stick with it forever!

(My alma mater) 

7) Scholarships are hard to get once you're in college.

In high school, I had to work really hard to get scholarships for college because if I didn't, I wasn't going. I achieved enough scholarship money to pay for my entire first year and then some of my second I believe. Once I hit my junior and senior year, a few of my scholarships were able to be renewed for a different level but most of them weren't. I knew that I would have to start applying for student loans. University's have many scholarships available, but they are extremely hard to get. I had a great GPA but I still didn't receive any. My advice is to try to get as much as you can beforehand or if you're able to work while you're in college, try to set some aside so that you have something saved up if that happens.

I could talk about this subject all day, but I think those seven things are very important. If you are curious about any other college topics, please feel free to ask! I would love to help in any way possible.

Fall Date Series - Painted Twister

Monday, October 2, 2017

Happy Monday everyone!

I had the best time last week in North & South Carolina with my family. My aunt had a beautiful wedding, I got to see my cousin (haven't seen him in years!), and I got to see my Aunt and Uncle from Germany. All in all, it was a great trip!

As promised, I am kicking off a fall date series. The idea below is one that is perfect for the summer to fall transition that we're alllll going through right now! I hope you enjoy. :)

I loved playing games as a kid and Twister was one of my favorites. Twister is such a funny game because everyone becomes contortionists when they try to get into the hard positions that the spinner lands on. I can't tell you how many times my foot was at the back of the mat and then my other foot was all the way on the other side...and I'm not flexible! :P

Today's summer date idea adds a Twist to the classic game (hehe see what I did there?). I decided to get washable paint from Walmart that matched all four colors on the mat and pour it everywhere!

Not only is this absolutely hilarious to do with your significant other, but it's also great to do with a group of friends! P.S. I highly recommend asking someone to take pictures. You'll want to see how funny you all look. :)

You can find Twister at any store. I purchased mine and the paint at Walmart. By the way, doesn't Chandler look wayyyyy too satisfied in the photo above? haha! 

Thanks for reading this post! I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. :) 

Weekly Round Up

Friday, September 29, 2017

Happy Friday everyone!

Today is my last day up north and honestly I'm pretty excited to come home. I had such a great time with all of my family and am so glad that I was able to be here. If you follow me on Twitter or saw my Instagram story, you saw that my vacation doesn't end today...because...I won tickets to the TONE IT UP TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (! times 1 million)

I swear, if I could type a million exclamation points I would. I really wanted to go this year but it just wasn't in the budget to go. So, the other day I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and stumbled upon Adeline of Vibrant and Pure's beautiful food bowl photo and saw that she was doing a giveaway for the tone it up tour! I freaked out and was like, what are the odds that I would win? I never win anything! I immediately entered anyways because why not and the next thing I knew I WON!!!

I'm still in shock that I'm going. So, this means that, I am going to fly into Florida tonight at 10pm, will be home by 10:30 and then will be leaving at 6am for the Tampa Tone It Up Tour location! The best part is that I found a great pet friendly room that will fit Chandler and Diesel! I didn't want to be away from them another day and so the three of us are headed to Tampa for a quick getaway.

Since I could talk about my excitement for hours, I think it's best that I share my weekly round up articles before it's too late! 😂

Most of us know this first blogger as one of the most colorful gal's on Insta. Sam from AwwSam
always has the most happy, fun posts that make me smile every time I see them. This week, Sam posted the cutest, and in my opinion, most Floridian way to decorate for fall. She shared a DIY for mini lawn flamingo pumpkins! These are absolutely adorable and would be super fun to do with family and friends.

Read it here:

I recently discovered Jill of Little Black Boots and I have to say, her Instagram feed is perfection. She posted a photo of this Alice McCall romper that was absolutely stunning. It would be perfect for date night, girl's night out, or just about anything else!

View it here:

I found an inspiring article on Refinery 29 featuring Aerie's model, Iskra Lawrence. Iskra created a video that shared model tips and tricks for getting that "perfect" photo you see on Instagram. I loved how she repeatedly shared that those final photos are not reality and that every woman has flaws. It truly is crazy how just the angle and lighting can "eliminate" belly rolls even though they're still there. With social media being such a huge part of our lives, I wanted to share this as a reminder that you are beautiful and that no matter the angle, you will always be perfect!

Read it here:

I have always wanted to travel to Greece. Chandler told me that when he was in the navy, he visited Crete, Greece and absolutely loved it. When I saw Cara Jourdan's Santorini photos I instantly wanted to book a flight and just get away! At the bottom of the post (after you're done viewing all of the beautiful photos) Cara shares some of her favorite spots while she was there. If you have some serious wanderlust, you need to read this right now!

Read it here:

This week's final find was from Molly of Golly Miss Molly. She shared the cutest two piece set that is perfect for the summer heat that's still hanging around! Since it has the cutest fall colors, you'll at least kind of feel like you're dressing for fall.

Read it here:

I hope you all have had a wonderful week and thank you to everyone who has been following along on my trip up north. In case you haven't seen, head over to my Instagram to see some of my photos from my trip!

Blog posts will be coming soon! 

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Photography: Chantell Cruz 

What I've Learned From Working A 9-5 Job

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

I can’t believe I graduated from college two years ago. When I graduated, I truly did not know what life would be like afterwards. You always hear silly things like “I can’t adult today” or “being a grown-up sucks,” but no one really tells you why unless you ask. No one tells you about work life, or how hard 
 is to find a job, or what you need to know for paying bills, etc. I am very lucky to have two parents that helped me with whatever they could, but there was still some things that I had to learn on my own.

I’ve learned a lot about credit card debt in the past two years. The problem with credit or debit cards is that spending money is as easy as one quick swipe. Before you know it, you’ve spent everything in your checking account or you’re in the negatives. I’ve had to learn that just because I have a large credit card limit, doesn’t mean I’m supposed to spend it. My mom always says, if you can’t pay it off the next day or within the week, don’t charge it. One good way to use a credit card is for paying bills. You know when your bills come every month. Once they’re due, charge them to your card and then the next day go ahead and pay off your card.

For a short period of time, I wasn’t sure where I was going to be working. I remember getting so upset at myself when my parents told me that I could always come home and stay with them while I was looking for a job. Looking back, I shouldn’t have been so hard on myself. At the time, I felt that I was a failure if I moved back in with my parents. I thought, “I went to college, I got my degree, I did an internship, so why can’t I find a job? I’m definitely qualified…right?” Job searching after college can be hard because so many jobs are looking for candidates with at least two years of experience. I always thought “How can I get that experience if you won’t even hire me?” What I’ve learned since then is to just apply for everything you see. Now, be reasonable and don’t go after the director position right away, because to this day, even with my two years of experience, I am nowhere near ready for that type of position, nor do I know how to be in a position like that. Go after positions that you KNOW you are fully capable of doing. You never know who might hire you!


When it comes to work life, I’ve learned that I’m definitely not on the same schedule anymore. I can’t stay up until 1am, 2am, or even 3am anymore. I’m lucky if I make it until 10pm nowadays! Haha :) I didn’t know that being at a job all day could be so tiring. I’m in marketing, so it’s not like my job requires a ton of physical labor or anything, but when you’re constantly thinking and interacting with your coworkers all day, you get tired! I’ve also learned that you gain weight with a 9-5 job. When I was in college, I was walking all over campus until late hours of the night. As soon as I started my job I was sitting. All day. Every day. At my company, we do get breaks of course, and most people go on walks around the building during their breaks. I especially like to do this because it gives me a break from the computer and it gives me the opportunity to get more steps in that day. I’ve also switched to a standing desk at work. I do sit occasionally just to give myself a break, but I try to stand as much as possible.


Finally, don’t let work take over your life. In the past year, I’ve realized that work isn’t everything. It’s important to be a good employee and do your best, but you have to have a balance. When you take a lunch break, take it! Don’t do work during your lunch. Bring your favorite magazine or book to read, or work on your blog like I do. That time is your time, don’t let work take it from you. Also, when you clock out and leave for the day, unless it’s an emergency, it can wait until tomorrow. The corporation that I work for sells women’s clothing and swimwear. Whenever I was stressed or was worried that I messed something up really bad (when in reality I didn’t), my old boss would say: “Caitlin, remember, it’s only retail.” I was told that two years ago and it really stuck with me because it’s true! I wasn’t put on this earth to only market clothes. I’m here to enjoy my life with my family, friends, my pets and everything else that life has to offer.

What have you learned since graduation? Or, are you about to graduate and are curious about other topics? I’d love to hear about either in the comments below!

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